Dr. Ilona Blumberg, CNM, APRN, DNP

Specializing in Midwifery, Women's & Adolescent Healthcare

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Dr. Ilona Blumberg, CNM, APRN, DNP

Specializing in midwifery and woman’s healthcare

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Dr. Ilona Blumberg, CNM, APRN, DNP

Dr. Ilona Blumberg brings in over 30 years of experience in women’s healthcare, midwifery, expert obstetrics, and gynecology care.


Trained to address a broad array of medical issues, Dr. Blumberg received her master’s degree in nursing from the University of Cincinnati. She has her doctorate from Maryville University where she completed her dissertation on postmenopausal women.

As a registered nurse practitioner with a specialty in Midwifery, Dr. Ilona believes in developing a relationship with her patients based on mutual respect, trust, and good communication.

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Womens healthcare of Boca Raton


Larni is an expert in care maternity services, helping mothers navigate pregnancy, labor, and childbirth with confidence, trust, and comfort.


These are services offered under the supervised care of Dr. Ilona Blumberg CNM, APRN,DNP, a seasoned nurse practitioner in women’s healthcare and a midwife with over 30 years of work experience.

Gynecological Exams


Pregnancy Care



Labor & After Birth Care


Midwives take care of pregnant women and assist in their labor, birth and postpartum care. They also provide general care services like routine exams, gynecological care, treating menopausal symptoms, managing abnormal pap smears, preparing for birth, pregnancy and postpartum care.

A nurse midwife is a registered nurse who is board certified by the American College of Nurse-Midwives and trained in an accredited midwifery program.


My Midwives’ care services includes:


  • Gynecological exams
  • Family planning
  • Preconception care
  • Prenatal care
  • Labor and delivery support
  • Newborn care
  • Assistance with family planning
  • Menopausal management

Dr. Ilona Blumberg offers additional services of reproductive education in fertility, nutrition, exercise, contraception, pregnancy health, and breastfeeding. Midwives work with you while keeping in mind your preferences, cultural values, and personal likes and offer emotional and social support during the birth process.

Certified midwives have the experience and the skill to monitor you and your baby throughout the pregnancy and manage a smooth delivery.


Certified nurse midwives deliver more than 10 in one baby every year in the US. In case of high-risk pregnancy or complications, they possess the clinical experience to take action or refer you to a doctor, as the case might be.


Some pregnancy complications include:


  • Preterm delivery
  • Mother having fever during childbirth
  • Using forceps or vacuum during delivery
  •  Twins
  • Preeclampsia
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Gestational hypertension

Midwives routinely consult with obstetricians, perinatologists, and other healthcare professionals, regarding the mother and the child’s health. In case of complications, they work with specialized medical professionals to ensure a safe delivery.


The concept of getting midwife support has evolved over the years. Midwives are not just for crunchy-type moms who want things to flow naturally. Also, mothers who prefer natural birth might want midwives, but that doesn’t mean it would not involve any pain management or drug-free childbirth.


Note: For a woman who has a high-risk pregnancy and/or if complications arise, we recommend selecting a hospital environment under the specialized care of obstetricians, perinatologists, and other professionals trained to address such situations.


According to the American College of Nurse-Midwives, the benefits of good midwife care are:


  • Reduced risk of a cesarean
  • Lower rates of labor induction and augmentation
  • Decrease in use of regional anesthesia
  • Lower infant mortality rates
  • Decreased risk of preterm birth
  • Reduced third and fourth-degree perineal tears
  • Better chances of a positive start to breastfeeding
  • Greater satisfaction with the quality of care



Ilona is just simply the best!!!! Her care, love, and dedication toward her patients shine through every interaction and her years of knowledge and experience give you a total sense of peace. We love her and will always remember our amazing delivery of our son with her.

Mayela L.


Ilona is amazing!!! The best, better than the rest. I’ve had every possible pregnancy complication you can think of. She has helped me deliver three normal and healthy babies to full term. I love her bedside manner; she remembers the small details and helps you get thru all pregnancy scares with a breeze. I love her more than anything.

Aisha A.


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